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Student Testimonials

"The one word that will describe Texas State is ‘community’. Here at Texas State all community members, be they faculty, staff or students, care about each other and offer support through friendship, mentorship and academic assistance. The Ph.D. program in adult, professional and community education, which I was enrolled in, opened my mind to new perspectives, engaged me intensely in scholarly work on local and global issues, and encouraged me to focus on self-reflection. At Texas State I developed a strong international network, a sense of belonging, and respect for diversity of people and ideas. The campus community at Texas State is very receptive and supportive of the international student population. As an international student from Ukraine, I always felt welcomed and embraced. I am truly blessed with the opportunity I have been given to grow personally and professionally alongside such an exceptional group of people at Texas State University." Former Student: Oleksandra Sehin, Ph.D., College of Education, From: Ukraine

“The campus is safe, and the people here are very friendly. Students and residents often say ‘hi’ to me when I walk along the sidewalk even though we have never met before. I like to go to the highest floor of Alkek Library to study and enjoy the spectacular scenery. While studying at Texas State University, I found that the teaching style of the professors and the management of the school form a type of harmonious system. By following this system, you will discover that you are developing gradually after a period of time and that you are approaching your goal. After studying for a year here, as an international student, I found that wherever you are, wherever you are from, you will be respected, find some good friends and receive help from excellent people.” Current Student: Shijun Chen, School of Music, From: China


"Texas State University is much better than I thought it would ever be! I love the people and the atmosphere in most of my classes. I love the spirit. I strongly believe that getting a master’s degree in computer science will open up a lot of opportunities for me here in the U.S. as well as in my home country, Morocco, especially after being able to get some experience in the industry here in the United States. So many mixed emotions; I am happy and excited but also sad as I am getting into my last semester at Texas State. I have spent a memorable and quality time here, and I learned a lot from each and every person I had the chance to meet, work and study with.” Current Student: Sihame Riany, College of Science and Engineering, From: Morocco


“Studying at Texas State University and experiencing a different culture, a different lifestyle and a different language has changed many of my perceptions. I am so much more aware of the world now, and when I get back  to India I can't wait to pass on all of my new knowledge. Living away from home, on the other side of the world, has impacted me in ways that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  My Texas State experience has given me the opportunity to decide exactly who and what I want to be and realize that I need to be in a career that allows me to work anywhere in the world.” Current Student: Dedeepya Yarlagadda, College of Science and Engineering, From: India