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Initial Student SEVIS Record Transfer-Out

Before completing this form, you must have applied and be admitted to another U.S. educational institution.

SEVIS Release Date Request:

You must have entered the US before you request your transfer out.
I am requesting to transfer out due to: *

Information About Your New School

I, hereby, notify ISSS of my intention to transfer to the above school.

Immigration Check-In

In order for our office to complete your transfer we must first SEVIS register you with Texas State University and then we will complete the transfer out. In order to SEVIS register you you will need to complete immigration check-in by uploading the following documents and providing us with your local address in the US.

Access here:

Local U.S. Address

Name of Recruiting Agency (not agents name) *
If did not work through recruiting agency select "none"

Withdrawing from Classes at Texas State

Remember that it is your responsibility to withdraw from classes. Please use the following link to access the Registrars Office withdraw request: Online University Withdrawal form.