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My Life In America

My Life in America

Embrace your life-changing journey in the United States. Whether it's your daily routine, your academic adventures, or your exploration of American culture, share your experiences through your lens. Convey your unique perspective as you navigate life in America, and reveal the beauty, challenges, and growth you've encountered.

Winner: Photo by Rachele Carissimi

Rachele Carissimi

“In this picture, I was visiting San Diego, California, in 2019, just a few months after I moved to America. Around that time, I remember feeling a little bit lost. I was missing my family and friends and my home, Italy. We made a stop in Little Italy and I instantly felt better. It was full of italian flags, shops selling typical products and many restaurants that had amazing pizza. I also remember hearing hearing a few people speaking Italian, and I felt like I was at home. ”

- Rachele Carissimi, an international student from Italy and is graduating this December with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. 

All Photos Submitted:

Javier Espinosa Gomez

"This is me, Javier Espinosa. I’m holding a torch mimicking the Statue of Liberty. The picture was taken at Texas State University Camp during my first semester as an international student. "

- Javier Espinosa Gomez

Padam Bhatt

“From Nepal to Texas State, I expect my journey to epitomize transformation. As a Ph.D. candidate, I've poured my heart into research, turning mediocrity into academic excellence. In this lab, my dreams come to life. Just one more year, and I'll graduate, all thanks to Texas State's opportunities.”

- Padam Bhatt

Jihyeon Yun

The scene captured in the photograph unfolds a tranquil evening. As the sun sets beyond the hill, it spreads a sweet gradient of colors across the sky, while the lush green grass beneath sways gently in the soft evening breeze, signaling the end of the day. People cast shadows as they ascend the hill, each of their silhouettes hinting at their own stories. Children exude their final bursts of energy playing around, lovers hold hands tightly, savoring the moment, and friends create memories through laughter and conversation.

This hill acts as a sanctuary where the hustle of daily life can be momentarily set aside, allowing everyone to reflect on what truly matters in their lives. Until the sun completely disappears and the last light fades from the sky, the people on this small hill indulge in the beauty of the moment, embracing the time to ponder the preciousness of life, in unison with nature.

- Jihyeon Yun

Stephanie Tarigan

"I visited Door County, Wisconsin over the summer. I was able to try Swedish food and see goats on the roofs of restaurants!"

- Stephanie Tarigan