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International At Txst

International at TXST

In this category, capture the international spirit of your academic community, highlighting the vibrancy and diversity that international students and scholars bring to campus life. Tell the story of how international education enriches the fabric of your university.

Winner: Photo by Javier Espinosa Gomez

Javier Espinosa Gomez

“This is Khizra, she’s Pakistaní and Japanese. In this picture you can see the emotion on her face… she’s proud of her roots and her own resilience of flourishing in a place far from home. She embodies the international spirit of Texas State.”

- Javier Espinosa Gomez, an international student from Mexico and is graduating this December with a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering. 

All Photos Submitted:

Huong Le

"Have you ever wondered what the student life of an introverted international graduate is like? Yes, as an international doctoral freshman with an inherently introverted personality, I have chosen for myself a life that is less noisy but not too quiet. I often pause for a moment to observe the stream of people hurrying to get to class so they won't be late. I listen to others more to sympathize and learn. I live every moment of the day to the fullest instead of reminiscing about the past and worrying about the future. I fully understand that NEXT IS NOW.

- Huong Le

Khizra Khan

“This is the picture from last semester, from autism camp conducted by Dr. liu. My first time being a counselor and the children I met were such sweethearts that I decided to participate every year. Every single day, we had new adventure with our kids, ever day was amazingly beautiful.”

- Khizra Khan

Padam Bhatt

"On the same floor, we celebrated more than just a birthday; we celebrated diversity, friendship, and the power of international collaboration. With our esteemed professor, originally from South Korea, at the center, we formed a tight-knit group of researchers from all corners of the world. Dinesh, hailing from Nepal, Sung-ll, our post-doc fellow from South Korea, an undergrad from Pakistan, and Jose, a Texan local from the U.S., all joined in the festivities. After the cake-cutting ceremony for Sung-ll's birthday, we captured this memorable moment with a group picture. It was a testament to the unity that transcends borders and a reflection of the rich collection of cultures within our lab. This photograph showcases the power of diversity in fostering a truly global perspective in our research endeavors."

- Padam Bhatt

Padmapriya Muchumarri

“These photos from college events, skillfully captured by Dr. Vacaflores, hold a special place for me. I'm genuinely thrilled about them. The highlight was the etiquette dinner, an amazing event. As an introverted international student, social gatherings used to be a concern, but attending school events helped me discover more about myself and navigate such situations with newfound confidence.”

- Padmapriya Muchumarri 

Sanjana Ali

“Away from my homeland whenever I see something that relates to my country I feel connected to that. Seeing the Bangladeshi flag in the ISSS program immediately thought of taking a picture with the flag, felt like I was representing my country in a foreign land while holding the flag. On top of that was wearing a traditional salwar kameez on that day so the picture was a must.”

- Sanjana Ali

Stephanie Tarigan

“The arch symbolizes the friendships I’ve made at TXST so far. As an international student, you can feel homesick and isolated at times. Through the Math Department, Counseling Center (Group Therapy for International Students), and events like International Students Welcome, I’ve gained so many friendships. Friends from San Marcos and all over the world. ”

- Stephanie Tarigan

Jihyeon Yun

"In the heart of Texas State University, a hidden grove whispers stories of the wild. Amidst the dance of light and shadow, deer graze, a serene ode to the campus's living mosaic of nature and knowledge."

- Jihyeon Yun