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Getting Started

STOP! Before you can request a DS-2019 for a J-1 Exchange Visitor (professor, research scholar, or short-term scholar), you must receive an appointed position through Faculty and Academic Resources.

Responsibilities of Sponsors 

  • Communicate with your prospective J-1 Exchange Visitor to obtain required information and documents.
  • Assist Exchange Visitor with submitting required documents to ISSS.
  • Review and understand J-1 Exchange Visitor immigration regulations.
  • Begin the sponsoring process at least three months before the anticipated arrival of the J-1 Exchange Visitor to the U.S. 

Texas State University may invite a prospective J-1 Exchange Visitor for only one of the following J-1 categories below. See more information on J-1 Exchange Visitor Categories.

  • Professor
  • Research Scholar
  • Short-term Scholar
  • Student:
    • Non-degree
    • Intern
    • Degree-seeking: Bachelors, masters, doctoral

How to Invite a J-1 Exchange Visitor

Please submit the following required documents to International Student and Scholar Services using the Request for J-1 Exchange Visitor Form:

  • Copy of email or memo of the position approval from Faculty and Academic Resources

  • An invitation letter from the sponsoring department, on the sponsoring department's letterhead, addressed to the prospective Exchange Visitor must include: 

    • A description of the program, research, work, or field of study
    • A description of costs likely to be incurred by the visitor in the U.S. (ie. Housing, transportation, health insurance)
    • The program start and end dates
    • The total amount and source of funding,
      • If the sponsoring department financially sponsors or pays the Exchange Visitor. The original letter should be mailed to the Exchange Visitor as it will be required at the J-1 visa interview.

    Sponsors may use the following template as a guide: J-1 Invitation Letter Template

  • Original financial documents should guarantee the equivalent of at least $1800 per month for living expenses. This information can be included in the invitation letter if the sponsoring department at Texas State is providing a salary or stipend to the Exchange Visitor.

    Proof of financial support documents are:

    • A letter of support from the J-1 Exchange Visitor's financial sponsor such as home government, U.S. government, Texas State University, or an international organization; and/or

    • A bank statement or a letter from the J-1 Exchange Visitor's own financial institute 

  • A scanned color copy of the Exchange Visitor's unexpired passport ID pages.

    Include color copies of the passport ID pages for any accompanying spouse or dependents (under the age of 21).

    Additional information needed is the city of birth for the Exchange Visitor and dependents if this is not mentioned on the passport ID pages.

  • The exchange visitor's curriculum vitae (CV) or resume (not necessary for student categories).


  • A method must be identified that determines the English level of the prospective J-1 Exchange Visitor is sufficient for the activities in which he or she will participate in.

    The following are methods of determination provided by TIEC:

    • Adequate scores on English proficiency tests such as IBT, IELTS, TOEIC, or other standardized test in English such as GRE and GMAT
    • Interview(s) with the Exchange Visitor by faculty at Texas State who determines that the Exchange Visitor has sufficient English proficiency. This could be done virtually.
      • Faculty member should provide a letter attesting the Exchange Visitor has sufficient English proficiency to engage in activities at Texas State University.
    • Evidence from the Exchange Visitor's professional experience and accomplishments that indicates a sufficient English proficiency, such as
      • publications written in English,
      • number of courses taught in English, or
      • number of presentations given using English
  • Copies of previous DS-2019s for the Exchange Visitor (J-1) and any accompanying dependent (J-2) issued by any other US institutions.

    Note: Only applicable if the Exchange Visitor has previously been in the US in J-1 Exchange Visitor status.


  • If the Exchange Visitor is in the US, submit copies of the following:

    1. Current DS-2019
    2. I-94 record
    3. J-1 visa

    Also, submit the TIEC Transfer-in Form.

  • Prospective J-1 Exchange Visitors with dependent(s) (J-2 status) should indicate whether or not they plan to have any family members accompany them. If so, they must complete the relevant section on the second page of the TIEC J-1 Exchange Visitor Information Sheet and supply copies of the passport ID pages for each dependent.

    In addition to the $1800 per month for living expenses for the Exchange Visitor, proof of financial support is required for each J-2 Dependent spouse or child (Minimum $500 per dependent, per month) 

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC)

After gathering the above required documents, please submit J-1 request documents to the portal linked below.

ISSS will forward all required documents to TIEC who will process the Form DS-2019 and mail the document to ISSS within 1-2 weeks. The DS-2019 is used by exchange visitors to apply for the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa at a US embassy or consulate outside the U.S.